10 Claims Of Recovered Extraterrestrial Craft

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There are thousands of reports of strange lights in the skies, even of close contact with apparent vehicles from other parts of the galaxy. But reports of such craft crash-landing and being recovered by our collective governments are a little more few and far between—not to mention a lot less believed.

Regardless, there are many claims of such instances where alien vehicles, technology, and even dead extraterrestrials have ended up in the possession of a select few at the very top (and dark) reaches of world governments. Here are ten of them; make of them what you will.


10. The Paradise Valley Incident Arizona, 1947

The origins of the Paradise Valley incident are dubious to many, not least because they come mainly from UFO author Frank Scully, whose sources were questionable according to some. Others defend Scully, stating he was a genuine UFO researcher who was, on occasion, purposely fed disinformation. One of these is one-time leading UFO researcher Timothy Good, who claimed to have met a witness to the incident, Selman E. Graves, four decades after it happened.[1]

According to Graves, in October 1947, he and several friends arrived at the home of Walt Sayler in order to participate in a preplanned hunt. Sayler would inform them that the area they had planned to hunt in was “restricted” by the military, who were conducting some kind of unknown activity. A little bemused, Graves and two of the group decided to check out some mines in the area, before meeting up with Sayler and the rest in a new destination. While at the mines, which had a view of the entire off-limits area, Graves could indeed see military activity, including many soldiers near a “large, aluminum dome” that resembled the top of an observatory.

Only when Graves read Scully’s account years later did he come to believe that the “observatory dome” was in fact a crashed UFO. According to Scully, an ex-military member of the public had alerted the military to the craft. Graves believes that person was Walt Sayler, who was a military veteran. In a (further) bizarre twist to the account, urban legend states that the crash site is now the Dreamy Draw Dam recreation area, the downed craft destroyed and covered over due its sheer size of and the military’s inability to move it covertly.

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