10 Intriguing Facts About The Dyatlov Pass Incident

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On February 2, 1959, things took a macabre turn in the Ural Mountains. Nine experienced hikers died under what many consider to be questionable circumstances. The area in which they died would later be named the Dyatlov Pass in honor of Igor Dyatlov, the team’s leader. Investigators at the time never found conclusive evidence of what happened to these hikers.

Even today, rumors and speculation still surround the deaths of the expedition members. From military interference and cover-ups to UFOs and the infamous Yeti, conspiracy theories still swirl about what happened that fateful night in the Ural Mountains.

10. They Were All Experienced Hikers

The nine hikers who were killed on their trip through the Ural Mountains were all exceedingly experienced, which made their unexpected death in the wilderness one that raised many questions. All graduate students, the hikers were taking a break from their studies; a trip to the summit of Mount Ortoten seemed the perfect excursion.[1] They were all considered to be hardy, fit, and competent hikers. The trip to the summit should have been well within their ability.

Being comfortable with the trek ahead, the group documented their trip with their cameras. Photographs from the start show happy-go-lucky friends on an adventure. One can see rugged people smiling, wading through snow in full health, and climbing effortlessly. What could have possibly made these spirited and capable adventurers die with little or no warning? Why did this hike prove to be a death sentence?

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