10 Murderers Haunted By Their Victim’s Ghost

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Some murderers never stop seeing their victims. Whether they are haunted by their memories or an actual ghost is debatable, but the following certainly believed that their victims refused to give them peace.

10Mark Bridger

Mark Bridger spent his days drinking, watching pornographic videos, and looking at indecent images of children. After he had spent a typical evening drinking in 2012, he drove around to find a young girl. He stumbled upon five-year-old April Jones. Jones went into Bridger’s car, and she was never seen again.

Bridger was arrested the next day. He admitted that he had killed Jones. However, he claimed that it was an accident. Bridger said that he had accidentally hit Jones with his car. He remembered placing her body in his car before he went for help. Alcohol had blurred his memory, and he did not know what happened to her body.

After a forensic expert found fragments of bone and blood matching Jones’s DNA in Bridger’s house, police rejected his story. They believe that he sexually assaulted the child before he killed her and scattered her body parts. The court agreed with the police. Bridger was found guilty, and he was sentenced to life in prison. He told a fellow inmate that he is tortured by visions of Jones, who appears in his jail cell at night.[1]

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