Top 10 Conspiracy Theories That Were Actually True

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Oftentimes, conspiracy theories are outright dismissed as paranoia or the ramblings of fringe dwellers or quacks. Perhaps, this is usually the case. But some theories were frighteningly correct.

10. Cigarettes Cause Cancer

Today, it’s common knowledge that tobacco products are deadly. For many, it seems outlandish that there was ever a time that cigarettes were not considered extremely hazardous to the health of smokers and those around them or that smoking was actually thought to be good for you.

Tobacco companies began to truly grasp the scale of the problem in the 1950s. Researchers had suggested the possibility for decades but were more or less dismissed. “Big Tobacco,” as the largest tobacco companies would come to be known, launched a cover-up that would go on for nearly half a century.

The four biggest tobacco companies would finally apparently admit defeat in 1998 with the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement—a legal settlement between the companies and 46 US states.[1] The other four states were involved in separate settlements.

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