Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Turkey

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Turkey—a land where Europe meets Asia, secularism butts heads with Islamism, and controversy meets more controversy. This continent-bridgingnation has a tumultuous past and an equally dramatic present. Let’s take a look Turkey today.


10. The Armenian Genocide Is Denied, And The US Plays Along

On a state level, Turkey ignores the genocide of 1.5 million people perpetrated in 1915, going so far to expunge any mention of the events from school textbooks.[1] The US consul at the time wrote, “That which took place around beautiful Lake Goeljuk in the summer of 1915 is almost inconceivable. Thousands and thousands of Armenians, mostly innocent and helpless women and children, were butchered on its shores and barbarously mutilated.” In spite of that, the US does not recognize the genocide, either.

Political tensions being as they are, for over a century, the United States has been complicit in covering up massacres while at the same time promoting themselves as a paragon of democracy and doing the right thing. Just goes to show: Genocide talks, and geopolitics walks.

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