Top 10 Homeless Actors Who Became Hollywood Stars

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A few of these actors are relative newcomers to show business, whereas others have been around for some time. They had their starts in theatrical productions, television series, comedy clubs, and vaudeville. While awaiting their big breaks, they worked as waiters, a juggler, a dancer, and a screenwriter.

One was so down-and-out that he had to sell his blood. Another had to sell his dog, unable to afford to feed the beloved pet. Although all of them either won fame and fortune or are well on their way to such success, each actor on this list was homeless before making it big.

10. Christian Olivo

Christian Olivo took an unusual path to acting. Choosing to be homeless, he bought a gym membership and invested in acting classes. Rising at 5:00 AM, he ran on the beach every day and walked for miles across Los Angeles. Instead of dating, he spent his time practicing acting and honing his athletic prowess as he prepared for his future as an action movie star.

His sacrifice and hard work are beginning to pay off. He’s landed roles in FX’s Versace: American Crime Story and HBO’s Insecure. The actor earned a perfect math score on his Scholastic Aptitude Test and graduated summa cum laude. Then he attended the United States Air Force Academy and played a variety of sports.

He also studied acting at Arizona State University and with Los Angeles acting coaches Anthony Meindl and Matthew Barry.[1] The determined Texan’s stint of homelessness appears to be forever behind him, a mere stepping-stone to future stardom.

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