Top 10 Unbelievable Stories Of Real-Life Karma

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We all want karma to be real. Not everyone believes that there is some supernatural force making sure the good are rewarded—but when we see somebody selflessly give themselves up to help others, we feel like there ought to be.

It might not happen every time, but sometimes, the good people do get rewarded for their deeds. And sometimes, the payoff is so perfect that it’ll leave you wondering if maybe, just maybe, karma really exists.

10. James Harrison Donated Blood And Saved Two Million Babies

Photo credit: Kate Geraghty

When James Harrison was 14 years old, he nearly died. It took a major chest operation to save his life. The surgeons had to remove one of his lungs, allowing 2 liters (0.5 gal) of blood leave his body in the process. He only survived, Harrison understood, because people he’d never met had donated the blood that now filled his body—and he wanted to do that for someone else.

Harrison resolved that, as soon as he was old enough, he would donate blood as often as he could. He went through with it, donating his first pint of blood on his 18th birthday.

Doctors started to realize, though, that Harrison’s blood was unusual. It had antibodies that were basically the cure for rhesus disease, a blood disorder that can cause babies to be born with crippling brain damage or even die.

They asked Harrison to donate plasma regularly and let them run tests, and he agreed. His blood became the cure. Harrison, now in his seventies, has saved the lives of more than two million babies.[1]

He didn’t just save stranger’s lives, though. When his own daughter, Tracey, became pregnant, she was diagnosed as being at risk for rhesus disease. Harrison’s blood donations ensured that her baby was born safely. Because he donated blood when he was 18, James Harrison was able to become a grandfather.

9. A Man Was Rescued By A Boy His Wife Had Saved Nine Years Earlier

When Roger Lausier was four years old, he wandered away from his mother during a trip to the beach in 1965. He made his way alone into the water and tried to swim, but an undercurrent pulled him down. He would have died, but a stranger named Alice Blaise dove into the water and pulled him to shore, where she revived him and saved his life.

Nine years later, 13-year-old Roger was out on the same beach when he heard a woman scream, “My husband is drowning!” Roger didn’t realize this was a woman he’d met before, but he rushed into action anyway. He jumped onto an inflatable raft, paddled out to the man, and pulled him on, saving his life.

Nobody there realized the strange, cosmic coincidence that had just happened until the news reported on it the next day.[2] It wasn’t until then that Alice Blaise realized that the young man who had saved her husband’s life was the four-year-old boy whose life she’d once saved.

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