Top 10 Unbelievable Stories Of Real-Life Karma

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6. A Man Survived A Heart Attack Because He Helped A Motorist

Photo credit: AP/Mayo Health Clinic System

Victor Giesbrecht and his wife Ann were driving down a Wisconsin interstate in 2011 when they spotted two young women pulled over on the side of the road. The women, Lisa Meier and Sara Berg, had sprung a flat, and they didn’t know how to change a tire.

The Giesbrechts, on the other hand, were experienced motorists. They happily pulled over, helped the strangers change their tire, and got them back on the road. The women thanked the Giesbrechts and went on their way.

A short while later, the Giesbrechts’ truck, driving in front of them, veered over to the side of the road. The women pulled over to see what was wrong and immediately saw Ann Giesbrecht running out, screaming that her husband was having a heart attack.

Lisa and Sara might not have known a lot about cars, but, as a nursing assistant, Sara knew what to do when someone has a heart attack. She gave Victor CPR while her friend called 911.[5] The paramedics made it to the scene, and Victor survived the heart attack that could have killed him—purely because he’d stopped to help a stranger on the side of the road.

5. A Man Donated Half His Liver To His Future Wife

Photo credit: Christopher Dempsey

Christopher Dempsey gave up half of his liver for someone he’d never met. He overheard a coworker he barely knew talking about a cousin who had stage-four liver disease. She needed a liver transplant, but there were 119,000 people on the transplant list before her. Unless she found a donor, she would only have two more months to live.

Dempsey didn’t know the family well, but he didn’t think it was right to let her suffer. And so he butted in to offer to get himself tested to see if he was a match. When he found he was, he agreed to donate part of his liver.

The woman whose life he’d save was named Heather Krueger, and they didn’t meet until after he’d promised to give her his liver.[6] When they did, though, they fell in love. They started dating after the operation, and in 2016, two years after saving her life, Chris Dempsey got married to a woman he would never have met if he hadn’t agreed to give up an organ for a total stranger.

4. A Doctor’s Life Was Saved By A Man He’d Saved

Photo credit: KTLA

Dr. Michael Shannon went through hell when his SUV was T-boned by a truck on the highway in 2011. The truck that smashed into him ended up pinning his vehicle down, trapping him inside as his engine caught fire. There was no way out, and the fire was spreading.

By the time the rescue team came, Dr. Shannon’s legs were on fire. The rescuers ultimately managed to put out the fire and get him out with the jaws of life, saving him from certain death.

A paramedic named Chris Trokey pulled Shannon from the wreckage and got him to the hospital, but he didn’t realize whose life he was saving until he got there. At the hospital, he heard the patient’s name, “Dr. Shannon,” and realized who he’d just rescued.

Trokey had been born premature, weighing just 1.5 kilograms (3.2 lb), and wasn’t expected to survive. Dr. Shannon, though, had spent sleepless nights working to keep him healthy. He was the only reason Chris Trokey survived his first day of life—and now, Trokey was the reason Dr. Shannon survived his accident.[7]

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